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Lux Pillow

LuxPillow is a new and innovative pillow design which concept was to create a stunning design that reflects the quality of sleep, softness that will make your day more productive and improve quality of life. Pillow crafting company approached me to create their product representing web page, which reveals all the best properties.


Presentation of a speaking session introducing principles of running an international business.

RNDV Group

This company has a very big experience in ships building and equipment. RNDV approached me with a request to make a new, delightful design of their old fashioned web page. In developing design I have tried to show that the company has values and tried to point the quality of services. The most important thing was to underline company's quality and to show their have the best standarts.


UAB Traksalis, tai viena įnovatyviausių geodezijos paslaugas teikianti kompanija Lietuvoje. 

LKL Wallpapers 2016

I have created some wallpapers for Lithuanian basketball's league for season'16.


Vilnius basketball league, is one of the most popular and biggest basketball amateur leagues' in Lithuania. They did not meet the same old web page design and structure, so they approached me. My goal was to create a design in which the main focus should be oriented to providing information to the fans, statistics, and aesthetic design.


"Dantida" is a very modern dental clinic, staffed by highly professional doctors performing all kind of dental service. They asked me to create a web design that reflects their activities and wanted to make it more understandable to the client.


The doctor-urologist Algirdas Žalimas well known as one of the best professionals in Lithuania. Doctor's need was to create a web page, which is conveniently provides information about its services and experience, as well, that the patients could easily contact him via Internet for the upcoming visits and even to diagnose the state of your initial special survey support.


SecondBets approached me to help them develop their new web design project, which is designed for all football fans who likes to humble. Here they can find all the useful information of the matches that will help them follow the latest scores and news.

Monte Carlo

Monte Carlo, this web page is for everyone interested in real estate in Monte Carlo. It can help you to coordinate in a places which one's you would like to see. 

Lukas Raščiauskas

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